Distribution Policy

This document describes the distribution policy for web pages, documents, applets, or other content on the REA Computing web site.

This distribution policy is meant to protect the interests of REA Computing without being overly restrictive. If there are questions about the policy or points that are unclear, please contact the webmaster using the address given at the bottom of this page.

Content Available for Copying

The following is a list of items are available for duplication on other web sites subject to the above REA Computing Distribution Policy. All items are zipped using the Linux "zip" command, so they can be extracted using a Windows application like WinZip or the Linux "unzip" command.

For comments or questions about this web site or applets, contact the webmaster.
For the address of the webmaster, look at the first few comments of a Java file.
To obtain all Java files, download the True Airspeed Calculator ZIP file.
The True Airspeed Calculator ZIP file is available on this page.

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